Information and analytics portal “Comments” has become an associate member of the Ukrainian Gambling Council

The number of UGC’s associate members continues to gradually expand with joining of specialized national media. Today we are glad to announce that the information and analytics portal “Comments” has joined the UGC!

“Comments” is a Ukrainian media that, according to USAID-Internews, is in the TOP-20 of the most popular media in Ukraine, covering important socio-political, economic and business issues.
As part of cooperation with the Ukrainian Gambling Council, the media will cover the issues of gambling legalization and fight against the shadow market in the gambling business, involving specialized experts and opinion leaders. We also plan to work together to increase the amount of professional information on the legal gambling market and to distribute insights into gambling in Ukraine.

Emphasizing the importance of “Comments” joining the Ukrainian Gambling Council, the Chairman of the association, Anton Kuchukhidze, noted: “Impartiality and analysis based on facts are what, I believe, should underpin the coverage of any issue, especially gambling. The understanding of this and a number of other common values unite us with the UGC’s new associate member, the information and analytics portal “Comments”.

For almost 20 years, this media has remained one of the most popular media in Ukraine, which confirms the high quality of the content and professionalism of its representatives.
I am sure that by joint efforts we will be able to cover gambling from different perspectives and contribute to the development of a civilized and socially responsible gambling market in Ukraine.

I thank Viktor Holdskyi for joining the UGC and for his willingness to cooperate to form objective coverage of the Ukrainian gambling industry!”

In turn, Viktor Holdskyi, founder of the “Comments” portal, commented on the associate membership in the UGC: “Gambling is the same kind of entertainment as go-karting, skydiving or power sports. All these hobbies are safe for people, provided that the participants and operators adhere to the established “rules of the game” and are willing to accept social responsibility.

In turn, it is the media and public unions that must carry out an educational function and counteract the shadow gambling market. People need to know that gambling is safe, it’s beautiful, and it’s fun, provided the market is transparent, honest and responsible.”


• UGC is an all-Ukrainian specialized gambling public association seeking to unite the entire legal gambling industry to ensure sustainable and effective development of the gambling business in Ukraine. UGC acts as the main platform for communication between the State and the entire legal gambling industry. Today, the number of UGC members is 21 legal gambling operators, gambling organizations and media representatives.