Boris Baum is appointed an Honorary Chairman for the Development of Gambling Market at UGC

UGC (Ukrainian Gambling Council) continues to bring together all specialists who have made a great contribution to the emergence and development of the legal gambling market in Ukraine, on a single common platform.

“I thank Boris Baum for receiving invitation to join the UGC team, and I am determined to unite the efforts of all positive agents sincerely advocating the development of a legal gambling market in Ukraine. Boris Baum’s participation provides additional confidence for UGC as an effective and responsible association of market participants. I take this opportunity to say that UGC is the only existing and officially registered association called the Ukrainian Gambling Council. Other organizations with similar abbreviations are fakes, a sick desire of the so-called “experts” to thrive at the expense of others. UGC stands for fair competition even among NGOs, and is willing to win in a fair competition,” said Anton Kuchukhidze.

In turn, Boris Baum, commenting on today’s event, said the following:
“I am happy to join the UGC team. It is a good thing that there are people in our market who have heard my signal on the unification and consolidation of all efforts to develop a civilized gambling market in Ukraine. There is nothing to split. That is why I believe that our joint effort will help preserve all the benefits received by the state and society from the legalization of gambling in Ukraine.”

For reference: Boris Baum is the First Deputy Chairman of the Advisory and Expert Council of the Gambling and Lotteries Regulation Commission

UGC is a public association open to everyone willing to create a truly civilized and people-centred gambling market in Ukraine.