Statement by Anton Kuchukhidze, Chairman of UGC, on communication with the media

Dear members of the media,

I would like to inform you that numerous public figures quite well-known in the media are joining our organization. One wonders, therefore, who has the right to speak on behalf of the Ukrainian Gambling Council to the press and government authorities according to the internal regulations, so that there are no manipulations and uncertainties concerning our partnership.

1. The main responsible person empowered to speak or sign documents on behalf of UGC, is its Chairman. As of today, I hold this position, so I will fulfil these responsibilities. The Chairman of UGC is the only official having the right to speak on behalf of this organization, who is fully responsible for its results to the association members.

2. On behalf of UGC, other persons may contact the media or state authorities and represent the interests of the Ukrainian Gambling Council members only with the consent and appropriate written instructions of the UGC Chairman. The person receiving such an assignment has the right to make it public and inform the media or state authorities during the relevant event.

3. I would also like to clarify one crucial thing. I am a professional international relations expert and my professional work comprises two fields of activity. First of all, I am an international relations expert, and only then I am a public figure and Chairman of UGC.

Dear media representatives! There are many comments I made on the internal and foreign policy of Ukraine, but it is crucial to clarify that UGC and its Chairman do not comment on the political agenda, political parties and leaders, as well as we do not participate in political processes. We don’t do politics.

All my comments and television programs in which I participate as international relations expert should be considered a subjective position of an individual and an international relations specialist, and not a UGC representative. This is important to understand. This is a crucial message for members of our organization and our future partners.

Once again, UGC does not participate in politics. My activities related to political analysis and consulting is separate from public activities, and in no way I will comment on the political situation in our country as the Chairman of UGC.

Dear media representatives! If you have any additional questions on communication with UGC, you are free to contact our website or me personally on Facebook.