Ukrainian Gambling Council public association (hereinafter referred to as UGC) started its work today. The UGC aims to integrate relevant NGOs and gambling market operators into a single centre. Anton Kuchukhidze, Deputy Head of the Advisory and Expert Council of the Gambling and Lotteries Regulation Commission, became the Head of UGC. He announced this on his personal Facebook page.

UGC seeks to:
● Establish an effective mechanism for dialogue between the Government and licensed gambling operators and
● Strengthen the positive image of the gambling industry in Ukraine.

Anton Kuchukhidze, Head of UGC, noted that not only individuals, but also gambling operators could become members of a public organization.

The gambling business in Ukraine is working on gradual adoption of the Western practices of consolidating gambling operators into a single centre in order to create a full-fledged and professional platform for communication with media and public authorities.