The first licensed International casino brand in Ukraine, Shangri La, has joined Ukrainian Gambling Council

Shangri La brand is operated by Storm International BV, which is the international gaming operator known for its highest standards and service, professional attitude and social responsibility. Shangri La is the international casino network located in Kyiv, Minsk, Tbilisi and Erevan. 

Taras Miroshnychenko, General Director of Shangri La in Ukraine, has shared his thoughts on joining the UGC: 

“It is very important for the legalization of gambling business to be accompanied with creation of a public organization that is able to organize a constructive dialogue between the authorities and licensees, as well as within the market itself. In our opinion, a lot has already been done in the regulatory and legal field for the gambling market, but much remains to be done for stable development and formation of a positive industry image. As an international operator, we believe that Ukraine has a huge potential for the development of gambling tourism, but there are legislative barriers to overcome. We are confident that UGC will become the main driving force behind the development of the legal gambling market and very happy to join such a professional organization."

Chairman of the UGC, Anton Kuchukhidze, has welcomed Shangri La represented by Taras Miroshnychenko, wished them every success and mentioned the following: 

“There is no strong hierarchy between the state and business today in the gambling market. Together, we are doing a common cause – bring business out of shadow for economic growth and giving our country new opportunities for development within the European framework. I am grateful for Mr. Boettcher the founder of Storm International for his faith in Ukraine and his investment activities in our country. I wish every success to Shangri La in Ukraine!”

UGC is an all-Ukrainian professional gambling community, which aims to unite the entire legal gambling industry in a single voice in order to ensure a stable and effective development of gambling market in Ukraine. The UGC is the leading platform for effective communication between the Government and the entire legal gambling industry.