Virtuous advertising as part of gambling’s social responsibility policy

During the war, most domestic businesses actively help the State fight the aggressor and present the best examples of social responsibility.

Gambling business representatives are no exception to the general rule. They spend part of their income to directly finance the needs of the army, territorial defence units, and internally displaced persons and also organize special charity projects to raise funds for the State.

However, unfortunately, during the war, illegal gambling operators also became more active, using every opportunity to fraudulently attract the attention of gamblers. For instance, it happened due to the spread of advertisements for pirated entertainment websites, the amount of which has grown significantly over the past three months.

Since its establishment, the Ukrainian Gambling Council (UGC) has shared a vision of maximum transparency, obedience to the law, and social responsibility of the gambling business.

Today, during a full-scale war, this strategy remains unchanged: UGC will fight for a clean legal market and protect its members from the invasion of pirates.

In 2021, legal gambling operators, members of the UGC, signed a Memorandum on gambling advertising, gambling operators, and TV sponsorship using marks for goods, services, and other intellectual property, used to organize and conduct gambling.

The following are some of the voluntary restrictions undertaken by the parties to the Memorandum:

·       refrain from pirating traffic and misleading gamblers by using similar trademarks of other Parties to this Memorandum;
·       refuse to use hyperlinks (QR-codes) in sponsor’s information when placing sponsored materials;
·       refuse to depict in commercials the process of providing services or imitate such a process (press buttons, hold chips in hands, spin a roulette wheel, or gamble), and the process of pouring/handing over or making other dynamic movements with money, coins, bank cards, bank metals, etc.

This document became the core item of the self-regulatory mechanism of the legal gambling market, contributing to the gambling advertising regulation.

The Memorandum also became a safeguard against additional restrictive measures. It will remain in effect until 31 December 2025 and is held by UGC.

This year, UGC continues its fight against the illegal gambling advertising market.
Last week, it established a hotline (the “complain about illegal gambling advertising” button) which Ukrainian citizens, representatives of the media, advertising companies, and legal gambling operators may contact to get the idea of what legal gambling should be or file complaints about illegal advertising.

All such complaints will be processed by our lawyers and forwarded to the relevant authorities.

Responsible advertising is a continued social responsibility policy of legal gambling operators. As a socially responsible business, UGC members will do everything possible to ensure a civilized gambling market in Ukraine with virtuous advertising as its integral part.
Viktoriya Zakrevskaya